Saturday, August 20, 2011

Freeing My Inner Warrior...

I said I was going to try and blog weekly with pictures but I have been remiss in that lately.  I decided to do  weekly pics, instead of daily.  So this is a couple days after my 39th birthday.
7/31-Modeling a birthday outfit from Mom.  Emma took this and when I first saw this picture a few weeks ago, I felt bigger than ever.  However, looking at it now, I do see a difference in me.  Maybe more confident?  Can't quite put my finger on it!

8/2-Mom was kind enough to make this for me after a meeting and the night before we left for Baltimore Harbor.  It was so so yummy.  A steak, green beans and fresh strawberries!  

For 2 weeks, starting on 7/25, I participated in a No Sugar Experiment.  I was in the middle of the 2nd week when we went on our trip to Baltimore Harbor and saw these sugar hazard stores:

I did stay away from them and came home empty belly & handed of all things sugar:)  Consuming no sugar has made such a difference in my life!

8/3-This was my dinner at Phillips and it was delicious!  Now, yes I could have seafood but then I would've ordered Crab and Mac & Cheese.  I saw this as the healthier option for me at the time!  And man was I happy to have had it:)

8/4-On our last day, we took my daughter to the National Aquarium.  We saw Dora & Diego in 4D and then we went and watched the dolphin show.  Oh, how I ADORE dolphins!  I don't want to bore you with all the pics, but here is one that I found just precious!

When we got back on the afternoon of 8/4, Emma and I received our FabFit bracelets.  I have yet to take mine off.  However, with Em being 5 1/2, she wears hers on her she wears hers when we work out or if we are going somewhere!  But we are 2 of the many Fab Fit family!

Last Friday I asked my husband to please chop off my hair.  I needed to start fresh all over and I felt like my hair was keeping me hostage.  8/6-I took this pic before heading to an event. 
I like the shorter hair but decided that: 
1.  I need to be wearing brighter makeup-i.e. lipsticks & eyeshadows-so I'm not referred to as "Sir".
2.This cut is Phase I in the making.  I need to go ultra short so that I can workout with out having to worry about what my hair looks like when I'm done!
8/14-This picture Emma took before church, reinforced the need to go shorter!  After church, Emma took it upon herself to pick out a work out DVD-the CareBears- and started warming up!

I SO love the positive effect my journey is having on my family.  We are starting to make itty bitty changes, but nonetheless, they ARE changes!  Pumping my fist up in the air!  I only want the best for my family.  I want the best for my friends but have discovered that some are not so interested.  That's okay because this warrior is now on a mission!!

Two of the ladies from my Northern Virginia Spark group, a.k.a. NOVA Sparks,and myself decided we want to meet once a week at the local school to walk the track.  So on 8/17, the Pink Lightening Divas (as we call ourselves) met up and did our thing at our paces!  I'm so happy to have additional support on the home and exercise front.  I'm also happy to support them as well.  Also, the talk of our doing this, helped me to decide to do a 5K in December! WOOOHOO:)

Tonight I took a walk with my family.  Well my husband & I walked and my daughter rode her bike. 

After almost the 3rd lap, Emma stopped riding her bike and joined me in a little jog.  At the end of that, we high fived.  

Then we came home and took a few more shots:

I felt rather pensive and focused on my journey and then came this picture....I definitely was deep in thought!

Tonight I asked Hubby to please please finish my hair and let's get Phase II done.  So I sat in the chair as he cut with butterflies in my stomach.  All I could think about was the movie, GI Jane and Demi Moore shaving her hair off.  That's what I wanted!  I wanted to feel free.  I wanted to shave off the past and start anew.  I wanted to enjoy my work out and not have to wonder, "Is this messing up my hair??".  So Hubby used one clip.  I looked in the mirror and then told him, "Shorter!".  So he picked another clip to use and went back to cutting.  Then I felt  my hair and again it felt long.  I consulted the mirror after he'd finished and I said "Shorter!  Think GI Jane short...I want to chop it all off!!!"  He asked, "Are you sure?"  Without missing a beat my response was, "YES!!!!"  So he picked up a new clip.  After a little bit I looked in the mirror and said "Hon, that's still not short enough!"  I asked him, "What clip do you use for the back of your head?  THAT'S THE ONE I WANT YOU TO USE!!"  He said, "A one or a two."  He then found a clip and proceeded to start again.  I didn't say a word.  When he finished I looked in the mirror and said, "PERFECT!!!"  I quickly went and showered & shampooed.  Here's the finished product.....

I think my Inner Warrior is making her way out!  A long time ago, I did see myself as a warrior, but I was talking the talk but NOT walking the walk!  I feel like this hair change is a big part of my transformation into weight loss mode.  Don't get me wrong, I've been making significant changes the last month and a half.  This just totally makes me feel liberated and free!  I'm ready to keep going.  I'm not looking back.  I WILL DO THIS!


  1. Love the new look and seeing the warrior come out! you are doing awesome!!

  2. You ARE a powerful warrior!!! I see your inner strength and I hear it in your words! You have seen enough pain, you have suffered enough, it is time to fight for the woman you were created to be! Defend fiercely her honor, her value, her worth . . . and in doing so, you reveal her beauty and build the character of the young woman you are raising. Swords up!

  3. Love, love love the new cropped 'do!! And I am just so wowed at the changes you are making! I feel like I am here with you at the start of something amazing... The sky is the limit!! You can do this and you will bring your whole family along with you!! Awesome!!