Saturday, August 1, 2015

Faith, Fitness and Fuel starts NOW!

Today is the first day of the month and last day of the week. The past week has been an emotional and eye opening one for me on so many levels. Yet I know that I am blessed to have woken each day.

This week I celebrated my 43rd birthday and in addition to that, I had a physical. I found out that my blood pressure is too high and that I need to get it under control or I will be forced to go on meds.  And that in itself is a serious reality check. And then on top of that, at my physical, my doctor tells me I should have a cat scan of my abdomen instead of the recommended ultrasound by my GYN last week.  One doctor diagnosed it as a nodule, the other as a mass. A bit unnerving to say the least but I have been working hard to stay strong in my faith and not in my fears. I know that God's got me!

So with all that being said, today is a new day and a new month. And what does this mean??? NEW GOALS are in order.


♡Read from my Bible daily and discover key verses to help me with whatever may be going on in my life or those around me.

I just ordered a new Bible yesterday and I am so very excited to receive it!

♡Start reading The Best Yes!

This was an amazing birthday gift from a friend and I can't wait to dive in!!


♡First and foremost is changing my diet!! 

I will eat in as often as possible. I am going to allow for one meal a week may be bought from eating out.  But I am hoping that in reality it will only be once or twice this month.

My intention was to have a discussion with my family last night. But things did not work out the way I hoped.  The adults watching tv in separate rooms and the child alternating between us, eventually reading her book.

When I woke early this morning, it occurred to me that this will have to include eating in 90 percent of the time. While it will be a slight change for me, I prefer to buy food at the grocery store over spending too much money on fast and convenient foods.  However I am pretty sure it will be a big challenge and major change for my family! But if we do it in the right way, it will be fine.

♡Drink 96+ Oz of water daily.

My consistency is lacking. I need to get back to drinking lots of water so I can wash the over processed, salty toxins out of my body.

♡I will write down everything I put in my mouth!

I bought a journal and have already been doing that most of this week! This is just another tool to help build consistency :)


♡Move everyday!

I dreamt this morning that I was running! I so want to bring this dream to fruition!! This not the first time I've dreamed that I was running.  About 15 years ago I had this dream that I was running and I loved the way I felt as I ran.

Last month I challenged myself to walk so many miles. I ended the month doing more than half of that amount.  I am proud of myself for doing something instead of sitting still.  #progressnotperfection

For this month, my focus is 20 minutes of daily exercise. Some days more challenging than others and longer than 20 minutes.  As long as I am moving my body daily, that is all that matters!

I know that by eating right, drinking consistent water and moving more I will reach my goals to becoming a healthier me. Notice that nowhere is the squarish box with the telling numbers (aka the scale) mentioned. That was purposefully done. That box and I do not have a good relationship so I am working hard to stay away from unless I'm at a doctor's office.  I refuse to let it rule my life. That is a story I promise to share very soon!

While this week may have been challenging, I know that God's got so much in store for me. He has given me a purpose in this life.  And in this season, I need to focus more on listening to Him and less on me and what the enemy is attempting to do.

So I start Transforming Simone with Faith, Fuel and Fitness!

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